Inflatable bathtub lets you work and enjoy at same time

Inflatable Bathtub

Inflatable Bathtub

This inflatable bathtub is a revolutionary and multi-functional item that allows you work while enjoying the sunny side in the pool. The bathtub is designed on a very interesting concept, allowing workaholics to have splendid time with friends and family while working.

The bathtub for adults is exactly like any ordinary inflatable tub, but with some additional features like large work surface area and a cup holder to place your drinks. The tub that has capacity to handle up to 280 lbs of weight comes with its own electrical air pump from Coghlan’s and a four-foot long accordion drain hose.

Inflatable Bathtub

Quite easy to inflate and deflate, the bathtub can be used as a pool lounger, while the zip closure allow you to keep your stuff dry and safe while enjoying a warm day out on the water. The $179 inflatable tub is available at Amazon, but be careful as you might catch attention of many with envy eyes and needles in their hands ready to deflate it.

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Via: OhGizmo

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