Interior Decorating Ideas for the Roaring 2020s

Interior Decorating Ideas for the 2020s

The 2020s is bound to be an exciting decade—even if the first few months have been a little rough. There’s no better time to revamp your interior design with the decade’s (or last century’s) best design trends. Here are some interior decorating ideas for the roaring 2020s.

Go Vintage

There were a variety of traditional art styles that were popular in the 1920s, including Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and classical French elements. Why not bring traditional décor back for the 2020s? Go vintage with your furniture and color palette.

Need examples of vintage-but-modern interior design? Check out these Hooker Furniture pieces, which come in an array of traditional styles. You could also go to your local antique store and pick out some real furniture from yesteryear, although some antique furniture might need a little work before you set it up in your home.

Go Industrial

Why throwback to the 1920s when the 2020s has its own unique flair? One of the most popular interior design styles to emerge in this period is the “industrial” style. This style fuses wood themes with steel or iron, and it’s a nice blend of traditional and modern.

Industrial style furniture doesn’t work in every home, but it might look nice if your home is built from wood or brick, or if you’re living in a loft-style apartment. Check out some of these industrial style home ideas on Pinterest. 

Go Modern

The “modern” style—which will probably be renamed someday—is arguably the most popular interior design style of the 2020s. This home style is all about minimalism. Your furniture will have minimalistic detail, your walls will have few decorations, and your home won’t be too cluttered with lots of furniture or décor.

The theory behind minimalism is that when you have less design elements to distract the eye, the few design elements that are present will stand out more. So go with neutral colors in your home, cut down on how much décor you have, and use the savings to buy higher-quality furniture and decorations (and if you’re on a tight budget, read our tips on how to make your living room look expensive).

Bookshelves Are Still Cool

In 2020, bookshelves are just as cool as they’ve always been. Use bookshelves to decorate your living room, home office, entryway, or bedroom. Obviously, bookshelves also serve a practical purpose in that they hold many of your belongings, like books, decorative items, and personal records. No matter what you put on it, it’s bound to make the room more interesting.

The fun thing about having a bookshelf is that you’re able to decorate it however you want. You can adorn it with lovely bookends, expensive china, or any other objects that are dazzling to you and your guests. But a bookshelf also looks perfect when it’s packed with books!

Experiment with Color

The best way to spruce up your home is to experiment with new color elements. Let’s start with painting. You don’t have to paint all the walls in your home. You can paint only one or two walls in a room to make them “accent” walls that pop, without being too overbearing. Plus, you’ll cut down on costs for painting supplies.

Another great way to play with color is to add different kinds of lights throughout your house. You can use strip lights, string lights, or lamps to create exciting new looks in each of your rooms.

Consider giving your home a unified color palette, if you haven’t already—try and make the furniture, wall paint, and décor all fall within your chosen color palette. If you’re going for a throwback 1920s look, consider giving your home a touchup with gold, black, or silver paint.

Hang Paintings and Canvases

The 1920s had lots of great art, and the 2020s should be no different. Hang up artwork in your home to give your living space a classier vibe. But it doesn’t even have to be about making your home feel classier. Art is just beautiful and can infuse your living space with your own unique tastes. Check out this online art gallery and find a couple pieces that would look great in your home. 

Create a Lavish Home Bar

One of the most fun spaces to design is your home bar area. This space should dazzle your guests and should be as much a decorative space as it is a functional one. There are so many different ways to decorate a home bar, but you should generally abide by these concepts:

  • Show off your glasses—especially your wine glasses
  • Show off your wines
  • Show off your liquors
  • Install a wine cooler, if you’re able
  • Have lighting that’s unique to this area—strip lights work very well

Here are a few home bar ideas to jog your creativity.

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