Splurge on One of These Types of Furniture to Make Your Living Room Look More Interesting

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If you too had been influenced by the interior design trends of the past decade, your living room is probably in Scandinavian, industrial or some other minimalism inspired style. Well, if you feel like you’ve had enough of the limitations of your current style of choice, but you don’t feel like redoing everything you worked hard to put together, you really don’t need to make a major shift in the opposite direction. All you need to make your space feel and look richer and more unique is one item, if you choose it right, that is.

Wingback Leather Armchair

There’s no denying that armchairs come with a great dose of charm. And when paired with leather as material, an armchair can be a classic way to communicate great taste. Don’t be afraid to go for one in a more traditional design – although they can be a big bulky, if you have decided to break up with the rules of minimalism, this can be a great way to change things up. Top-grain vintage cigar leather is the most luxurious type of upholstery for these armchairs. For maximum comfort and vintage appeal, look for one with a fitted bolster cushion and hand-nailed antique studs. 

Vintage Leather Trunk

Regardless of whether you are in a physical store, or searching for a unique piece of furniture online, this is definitely something one can’t help but notice. Although they are not a common sight at furniture stores, the vintage leather trunks you can find today are replicas of the traditional old steamer trunks that were used at the turn of the century. You can use one of these design game-changers as a coffee table. One thing you can expect is for such a piece to age beautifully. The passing of time can only enhance the character and patina – which renders vintage trunks worthwhile artworks. 

What’s more, by letting time and use create this patina, you’ll get a true one-of-a-kind piece since it is not possible for anyone else to own a vintage trunk that can completely match yours. The existing style in your living room doesn’t have to be vintage in order for such coffee table to work its charm. The sophisticated appeal of these trunks can match so many different settings. Or if you think it may feel a bit off, this is when you ought to consider whether you’re still holding on to the strict rules of the styles we all followed this past decade. A bit of eclectic touch won’t hurt anyone. 

Rustic Bookcase

If your living room is too plain and there’s no trace of character among all those clean lines, a rustic bookcase, salvaged from an old warehouse might be precisely what you need as to inject some vibrancy. These pieces of furniture online and offline stores have limited offers for, come with authentic wear and tear marks. This means that each piece is one-of-a-kind the moment you buy it, you don’t need to wait for it to develop a patina. Adding a rustic flavour to an overly plain living room with such a bookcase can be an easy way to liven things up without changing/adding too much. Just make sure you organise your bookcase well as to avoid clutter and achieve a systematic look.

Round Leather Ottoman

Ottomans are always a fun addition to a living room, but not all are created equal. If you want to retain the elegance of your living room, but you also want to add something that can break the monotony, a leather ottoman with a round body is what you ought to look for. In order to be sure the leather will soften over time, look for one covered in buffalo leather. The best part about ottomans is their versatility as they can be used as a footstool, side table or even an extra seat when you have guests over. 

Chester Leather Sofa

Make one change and let it take over! If this is the effect you want, then a Chester leather sofa, upholstered with premium quality top-grain cow leather is the design move you need. The button back accent of these sofas renders them a reminiscent of the original Chesterfield lounge design, which is a luxurious looking classic. Every bit of this couch is a lovely design story in and of itself, be it the solid wooden legs, the brown crackle finish, or the inherent variations that reveal the hallmarks of its life. 

Dark Grey Concrete Coffee Table

Last but not least, if you want to bring in some change without compromising the already established simplicity, you can do so with a unique choice of material for your coffee table. A dark grey coffee table made of lightweight polished concrete can complement a minimalist living room interior while managing to add more character to it. 

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