Japanese burger place boasts of its host of peculiar vending machines

Tokyo hamburger vending machine_1

When it comes to the realm of Japanese contrivances, things have a tendency to be quirky as well as innovative. And, if neck coolers and remote controlled dustbins are your idea of fun, a Japanese restaurant with its assortment of wacky and whimsical vending machines will surely put a smile on your face.

Located in Horikiri in Katsushika Ward (Tokyo), the Tateishi Burger joint may seem to be unkempt and a bit dilapidated on the first impression. But on closer look, one can be witness to the wonderland of vending machines arrayed along its external walls.

The coin slots are strategically placed with a description of the vending machine’s specialty, along with the prop and the menu item it offers (all less than $2.90). The most conspicuous of these is the ‘hand’ vending machine that delivers a burger with its disembodied hand (made of plastic). On putting coins into the slot, the hand prop is operated by the restaurant’s employers on the inside to offer you a succulent burger.

Other peculiar yet affable vending machines include a ‘jumping bread’ machine that plops out a loaf with nonchalance, a burger machine that sings you a song and a nifty contraption that delivers you food via a balloon.

The inside of the Tateishi Burger joint matches with the capriciousness of its exterior decor. In fact, the establishment also sells monster masks and features a ‘wishing wall’ where customers stick paper pieces with their personal wishes written on them.

Overall, the ambiance does allude to a sense of wonderment and yet familiarity. This essence of personal touch is surely a welcome change from the conformity displayed by the McDonalds and the KFCs of the globalized world.

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