olaf funny toilet seat

10 weird yet funny toilet seat designs

A Funny Toilet Seat in Your Bathroom? Why a funny toilet seat cover? What is the last thing you see just before that climactic, tension-filled moment when you set your posterior upon the ‘escape pod for undigested material’? The answer is of course a toilet seat cover. Now, for most …

Guggenheim museum to boast 18-karat solid gold toilet

Guggenheim Museum in New York is renowned for presenting forward-thinking, extraordinary modern art. But now the art museum is all set to unveil a royal installation, 18-karat solid gold toilet. Designed by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, the 13-feet tall gold toilet is titled ‘America’ by the artist.

Scented candle designs similar to human body parts

Home lighting is an area where designers have lots of scope to experiment with and candles have always been an interesting lighting item. We have seen many unique candle designs in the past and this time its scented candles that looks like wrenched body parts. These candles come in 15 …