Jenn-Air’s Smart Oven connects with your Smartphone for quick and hassle free cooking

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With the vast variety of microwave ovens available in the markets, people usually get confused which one to buy. However, with the arrival of the unique and smart oven by Jenn Air, now you will not have to spend time thinking or choosing the right one, as it aptly suits the baking needs of contemporary cooks or homeowners.

Jenn Air’s oven is different from other ovens, for it incorporates a dual fan convection system, which allows better heating. Unlike regular ovens, the smart oven comes with a no preheating function to let users bake or cook their food quickly without the need to preheat the oven. Another advantage that makes this oven unique is that it functions wirelessly and now you need not to worry about organizing the messy wires in the kitchen. It is quite different from many other ovens available in the market.

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Jenn Air’s oven is the first microwave oven that comes with the wireless connectivity. To operate the oven, all you need to connect it to your Smartphone. If you do not have Smartphone, you can also run the oven through other portable devices like tablet. The oven has a pre installed Android app, which allows it to connect with your Smartphone for simple and effective functioning. Featuring latest technology, Jenn Air’s oven is quite smart and intelligent as compared to other ovens available in the market.

With this oven, you can enjoy many amazing features that are sure to enhance your cooking experience. Featuring a big glass to let you see the food cooking inside, the smart oven also features a 7-inch colored touch screen to select the temperature just by tapping or sliding it with your finger. Moreover, it has a culinary center, which allows you to control settings and know about different styles of cooking, along with different modes to cook the food according to your taste or liking.

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