Pinormaa: Designer Pin Board with a Letter Box and Assorted Accessories

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A pin board is a regular occurrence in home and office environs for obvious reasons. These boards are quiet affordable and comes in a variety of sizes and design options to suit your requirements. High on functionality, these boards offer the user the convenience to put up things that comes handy with their day-to-day tasks.

Inga Sempé, a reputable French designer, has come up with his version of pin board and christened it as Pinorama. Simple, minimalistic yet elegant, Pinorama is making waves these days and is now available at Hay, Denmark. This pin board accommodates all the little things that you often require along with things you are not sure where to put.

Assiduously designed, the pin board is made of perforated metal and hence can serve your cause for a long time to come.  It incorporates an oblong brick pattern with a cork back that allows you to pin up papers, pictures and other bits and pieces that are of varying importance. Embracing a flexible wall module, Pinorama offers you a great opportunity to organize your everyday life.

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The designer pin board also comes equipped with an assortment of accessories that may include but not limited to cylinders, shelves, and mirrors. You can attach these accessories to the metal grid with consummate ease. It has a sleek and elegant design that makes it stand out from the rest. It is something that can be considered for gift purpose. However, price of the boards vary from model to model.

Inga Sempé’s has recently introduced the new letterbox series of his premium offering. As the name suggest, the letterbox incorporated in the new series accommodates all your letters and important documents. This makes it easy for you to locate your important documents without wasting much time. Providing a functional, charming and versatile storage solution, this product is worth buying.

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