Kitbashive’s Coffee Extract Tower for pure coffee concentrates

coffe extract tower

A few days ago we talked about how an Indian man ingeniously turned a pressure cooker into an espresso machine. And now, the level of ingeniousness has taken yet another ‘evolutionary’ turn with Kitbashive’s Coffee Extract Tower. Looking likes some antediluvian chemistry contraption from the turn of the century, the tower brews coffee by simply dripping cold water (slowly, one drop at a time) over coffee grounds. According to the designers, this delicate process of essence extraction helps in creating non-acidic, purer coffee concentrates that are perfect for those gratifying cups of iced coffee.

As a matter of fact, the creators have went on to say that their Coffee Extract Tower was conceived as a ‘functional sculpture’ that not only extracts coffee in a fastidious manner, but also serves as a usable aesthetic piece to go with your dining room or kitchen decor. In this regard, the elegantly crafted pieces of the tower form a solid bearing when arranged. However, they can also be disassembled quite easily by the user for further cleaning and maintenance.

Finally, coming to the materials used for the Coffee Extract Tower, the structure is made from mild steel sheets finished with black oxide. The complementing support is crafted from Baltic birch wood plates with a food-safe polyurethane coating. Ultimately, the so-called drip train starts with a glass separatory funnel, carries on with a stainless steel infuser and funnel, and ends (at the bottom-most level) with a glass decanter.

Via: Kickstarter

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