Krispy Kreme unveils the world’s most expensive doughnut at $1,680!

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Last month, we took the indulgent path and talked about real gold embossed toilet papers. Well, this time around, we have stumbled across something more classy (and edible) in nature, yet no less ostentatious. Krispy Kreme has ceremoniously unveiled the world’s costliest doughnut (okay, it’s not that classy!) at the Selfridges’ Oxford Street store, which was presented as a grand prize to a make-up artist.

The one-of-a-kind £1k (around $1,680) creation took a whopping three days to prepare and assemble, and is filled with a myriad of opulent flavorings and ingredients. The gourmet inside you will perhaps appreciate the Dom Perignon vintage champagne jelly and raspberry, along with the equally sumptuous Chateau d’Yquem creme. And, if you thought that was extravagant, the ritzy culinary creation also vaunts its glazed passion fruit topping, 24 carat gold leaf (which is perfectly edible), intricately made patterns (like flowers and butterflies) from Belgian white chocolate sprinkled with gold dust, and finally an edible faux diamond!

And, yet the bakers were not done! The entire creation proudly sits atop a special Krispy Kreme cocktail ‘crafted’ from an exquisite syrup derived from passion fruit and raspberry, Courvoisier de L’Esprit Cognac (which is 500 years old), and of course 2002 Dom Perignon.

Now, we did mention the culinary endeavor’s exclusivity. But fortunately for the gourmets among us who have pockets brimming with greenbacks, there are ‘lesser’ specimens of the doughnut available with a $68 price tag. These handmade delights will also flaunt their edible 24 carat gold leaf, faux diamonds and intricately patterned Belgian white chocolate.

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Via: Metro / Photos: Angelica Malin

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