LG unveils their smart air conditioner that is controlled via voice commands

LG's Whisen Air Conditioner

LG's Whisen Air Conditioner

Many tech aficionados would swear by their ‘smart’ phones and tablets, which respond intelligently to their owners via integrated voice command mechanisms. But what about your air conditioner? It still remains as one of those ‘dumb’ plastic beam like contraptions that just keeps you cool (or warm depending on the climate). Well, not anymore! Korean electronic giant LG has unveiled their latest Whisen Air Conditioner, an interior climate regulating device that can be controlled through your voice.

This remarkable voice mechanism is touted to have a range of around 5 m (or 16 ft). The scope means that the device can cater to a relatively big room of 10 m (or 32 ft) length, if your couch is placed around the middle region by the walls. So basically, all you need to do is just nonchalantly shout from the couch, while the smart air conditioner changes the corresponding temperature of the room.

And, if you thought that voice command is all that Whisen brings to the table, then you are sorely wrong. Following LG’s new strategy to commercially utilize NFC technology in domestic appliances, this device will also come with a pre-programmed NFC tag that gets activated via a dedicated Whisen 3.0 app. Suffice to say, you will need a NFC enabled smartphone for this ‘tapping’ control mode.

Finally, as a cherry on the top of all these technology fueled functions, the air conditioner also has a built-in camera system that notches up on the security credentials of your living room.

LG's Whisen Air Conditioner

Via: AkihabaraNews


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