Trama: An exquisite crockery set that fuses elegance and simplicity

Trama crockery set

Trama crockery set

Most of us might associate a set of coffee pots and tray to the daily drudgery of morning breakfast before going to work. However, quite fortunately there are some designers who do not feel that way. Well, Sao Paulo based artist Jacqueline Terpins is certainly one among them, and she has remarkably added an exquisite twist to the seemingly mundane scope of ‘pots and tray’, by her Trama line of crockery.

Conceived as an exclusive project for design studio Riva, this art deco inspired crockery set does exude that time-honored essence of elegance fused with simplicity. This degree of of simplicity can be seen from the classic globe shaped form of the pot, which is draped in an ornate silver finish. This level of craftsmanship is also extended towards other items of the set like the bulbous bowl and the tea pot. Finally, the whole sophisticated scope is complemented by a square shaped tray (also available in rectangular forms), which has triangular perforations bordering its edges.

Trama crockery set

Tray, Tea Pot, Coffee Pot, Creamer, & Sugar Bowl

Trama Tea Pot

Trama Square Tray

Trama Rectangular Tray

Via: Design-Milk

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