Lifts Lab scientists contrive the Liftware, an electronic spoon that stabilizes hand tremors

Tremor Spoon by Lift Labs_2

Essential tremor (ET) is perceived as the most common movement-oriented medical disorder, with its basic symptom relating to uncontrollable shaking of hands in many people. The frustrating condition gets even more hindering in practical scenarios when the person is trying to eat his/her food.

Fortunately, modern technology is more accessible than ever, especially with the progression of the electronic realm. And, scientists from Lifts Lab have taken advantage of these advancements to create the Liftware, an electronic spoon that keeps itself stable during hand tremors.

Looking like an electronic toothbrush with a huge handle, the Liftware is powered by a rechargeable battery system. So how does it work? Well, the sensors integrated inside this detachable bulbous base detects the magnitude of the hand tremors.

Tremor Spoon by Lift Labs_1Tremor Spoon by Lift Labs_3

The movements are sensed in real-time with their varied directions, and then responded with a calculated counter-motion. This precise response mechanism keeps the spoon ‘naturally’ stable, thus alluding to physical equilibrium during almost instantaneous time intervals.

According to the scientists involved, the micro-electronic based Liftware has the capacity to nullify at least 70 percent of the tremors. And, the best part about the portable technology is its flexibility of usage, with the designers developing multiple attachments that go beyond just spoons.

Tremor Spoon by Lift Labs_4

In fact, the effectiveness of the scope was substantially verified by a recent study undertaken by researchers at University of Michigan Health System clinic. The successful results were then indubitably published in the online journal ‘Movement Disorders’.

Price – $295. You can order online from the Liftware product page. You can also donate in their ongoing Indiegogo campaign.

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