$3 million organic architectural marvel in California’s Joshua Tree up for sale

joshua tree house california

Organic Architecture involves designing houses and buildings that are harmoniously incorporated into the neighboring environment. Borrowing directly from organic shapes and forms, this architectural practice aims at creating designs that are, in a way, continuation of nature itself. The multi-million dollar home of Jay and Bev Doolittle, standing proudly amongst the rocky and rugged landscape of California’s Joshua Tree, is in fact a prime example of organic architecture at its best.

When the couple bought the 10-acre desert property near Palm Springs back in 1986, they were hardly prepared for the stupendous futuristic dwelling that now sits perfectly in the midst of the jagged terrain. Designed by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, the 4,643 sq. ft. house boasts of a highly unorthodox and pioneering design structure.

Although the basic construction of the 3-bedroom house was completed by 1993, interior designer John Vugrin worked all the way up to 2000, adding his personal changes to the doors and windows. Built using concrete, glass, steel and copper, this modern architectural feat is unique for the twenty-six enormous columns that are fanned out like a cluster of mushrooms, all around the central structure of the house.

While the harsh linear lines and tough board-form concrete walls on the exterior make the house look beautifully complementary to the surrounding topography, the softer interiors transform it into a warm and cozy haven right in the middle of the dry, desert landscape.

After staying in the house for 11 years, artist Bev Doolittle and her art agent husband have decided to relocate to a humbler abode in St. George, Utah. The swanky California desert residence is therefore on the market, for the first time, for a steep price of $3 million.

Via: Freshome / USA Today 

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