Lightsaber Toothbrush to light up your pearly whites!

Lightsaber Toothbrush_1

For better or worse, Star Wars Episode VII is coming to your screens in the near future. So this might be the opportune time to show your support for the grand movie endeavor, by picking one of the above pictured contrivances. The effulgence of geeky design makes it all clear – it is a Lightsaber Toothbrush (from GUM) that can light up your bathroom, teeth and presumably your not-so-rollicking life.

The nifty gizmo flaunts its flashing light for up to one minute that might just encourage you spend some more time taking care of your pearly whites. And, of course the lighting is complemented by soft bristles that will work their magic across your precious gums.

But the best part arguably is – the Lightsaber Toothbrushes are available in three variants: Darth Vader, Yoda and Anakin. But wait isn’t Anakin and Darth Vader the very same character?! In any case, you can pick out your preferred laser-ed saber from the product page (for $3.49), or help yourself to an entire set from Amazon (for $13.99).

Lightsaber Toothbrush_2

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