The flat packed Urban Hen House boasts of ‘chicken-oriented’ efficiency

Urban Hen House by Lucie Bateman_1

We have had our experiences with cat houses and dog showers; so why not make a foray into the bird kingdom with hen enclosures? Designer Lucie Bateman has created her special version of a hen house which boasts of spatial efficiency with flat packed advantage and eco-friendly credentials.

The design comes in the background of a rising trend of urban chicken keeping, especially in the suburban areas of towns and cities. But the predicament with most conventional hen houses is the overbearing nature of their designs that sort of have their eye-sore effect on the residential environment. Moreover, many of them might not have the best spatial layouts (for chickens) the meet the standards outlined by DEFRA and the RSPCA.

The Urban Hen House traverses most of such design flaws via its ergonomic assembly that is tailored to both the residing hens and the humans who use the enclosure for fetching eggs. To that end, the capon abode exhibits a substantially big access door for us to conveniently pluck the laid eggs. On the other hand, it also comprises of a drop down ramp that makes it easier for the hen to come out of the enclosure.

As for the flat packed side of affairs, the ready-to-assemble contrivance can be configured to 2D components for better portability. And complementing this simple usability pattern is the unique form of the Urban Hen House that is constructed from ‘green’yet low cost materials like bamboo, HDPE composite and a plant fiber based polymer.

Urban Hen House by Lucie Bateman_2 Urban Hen House by Lucie Bateman_3 Urban Hen House by Lucie Bateman_4 Urban Hen House by Lucie Bateman_5 Urban Hen House by Lucie Bateman_6 Urban Hen House by Lucie Bateman_7 Urban Hen House by Lucie Bateman_8 Urban Hen House by Lucie Bateman_9

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