Dualit toasters rely on advanced sensors for the perfect slice of toast

Dualit toaster

The great George Costanza once quipped toilet papers have not evolved at par with mankind’s technological progression. We can say the same thing about those dastardly toasters! With their paraphernalia of obtrusive knobs and buttons, it is us grouchy later-risers who get the wrong end of the stick (or rather the burnt end of the toast).

Well, not anymore; Dualit has seemingly changed the ‘bread and butter’ game with their series of advanced toasting devices. These gizmos are surely not your ordinary toasters – the machines incredibly rely on built-in sensors and advanced algorithms for the perfect slice of morning glory.

So what does the working scope entail? The Dualit toasters are not entirely dependent on the efficacy of humans when preparingĀ the bread toasts (as we presumably suck at it). Instead, the devices go beyond their internal temperature conditions to take into the account the micro-climate of the room and the surroundings, along with the number of toasts being made and even the cooling time interval between the usages. All of these factors contribute to the ultimate toast specimen sansĀ its burnt blemishes.

Of course, there are many of us toast purists out there who like to take things in their own hands. Worry not, the Dualit toasters also give the users option to tinker with their personalized toasts, with the ole knobs and temperature controlling buttons.

Finally, as for the commercial side of affairs, the sensor-based technology comes courtesy of the company’s two products – the Dualit Stoneware Lite Four-Slice Toaster (with a price tag of $145) and the Brushed Architect Four-Slice Toaster (with a price tag of $172). You can also check out more info from the products page.

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