Livin Farms Hive helps grow edible insects at home

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Now feed mealworms with your kitchen scraps

Hive is a futuristic concept of Livin Farms that is all about enabling its users grow healthy and sustainable food at home, in the form of edible insects. Owing to small space and other restrictions that urban homes usually have, bringing your own food on the table, as in getting food that is healthy and you know where it has come from is almost impossible. However, Hive seems quite capable of doing the same, as it enables its users to grow healthy and sustainable food right there in their homes.

Designed for city apartments

It can be used in rural areas as well but its compact design is of crucial help for people living in small city apartments because they don’t really have options to grow proteins at home. People can grow edible insects rich in proteins in this small farm. It took Livin Farm team two years for designing this small farm, traveling all around the world, and lots of research and prototyping. It the world’s first edible insect desktop hive that is all set to allow people grow protein on their own, in their home.

How it works?

The pupation department of Hive enables pupa to hatch into beetles, and beetles mate in loveshack and produce eggs. Porous tray allows eggs to fall into the egg tray from loveshack, while fans and ventilation system of Hive ensures system produces no smell. Amalgamation of sensors and heating element ensure Hive has appropriate climate that works in favor of growth and health of insects. The louvers in each tray enable users to let worms fall from one tray to another, eventually to the separation area. You can feed worms on vegetable scraps from your kitchen and can harvest up to 500gms of mealworms every week. They are so rich in proteins that you could use them as a substitute for meat in numerous dishes.

LIVIN Farms Hive_2
Step 1: Feed your mealworms
LIVIN Farms Hive_3
Step 2: Every week, your mealworms travel one tray down as they mature
LIVIN Farms Hive_4
Step 3: Once a week, activate Harvest Button!
LIVIN Farms Hive_5
Step 4: Harvest your clean worms!
LIVIN Farms Hive_6
Step 5: Once a week, empty dirt bins to clean system
LIVIN Farms Hive_7
Step 6: Once a week put pupae back into top to restart lifecycle
LIVIN Farms Hive_8
X-Ray of the separation area: constant crawl-off into harvest drawer!
LIVIN Farms Hive_9
Harvest time!
LIVIN Farms Hive_10
Freeze them before cooking!
LIVIN Farms Hive_11
Now you can prepare them in whatever way you want: roast, fry, grind, bake …

Source: Kickstarter

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