Mario themed doorbell chimes coin collecting sound effects from the game

Super Mario Bros. Doorbell_1

The exalted Mario has already made his mark in the popular consciousness of video gamers, great and small. And, now the Italian plumber with a penchant for saving princesses, will make his retro presence felt through the ever mundane doorbells. Yes, you have read that right – doorbells!. YouTube enthusiast Joe Tsai has ingeniously devised a Mario themed doorbell that gleefully chimes the sweet sound of collecting coins in the game.

These sound effects vary with the coin-collection ‘meter’ displayed by the doorbell. For example, once the count crosses every 10 coins threshold, the bell utters the 1up sound; and when it crosses 100 coins, the bell proclaims the mighty mushroom upgrade.

The good news is – you can construct this beauty of a contraption all by yourself. Just follow this tutorial from creator himself, and you would be a proud maker of the one-and-only Mario themed doorbell.

Super Mario Bros. Doorbell_2

Via: Nerdapproved

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