Philips’ smart supermarket lighting system is your new shopping assistant

Fumbling your way around the various aisles and shelves in a supermarket to get the right ingredients for dinner can indeed be challenging. Well Philips has come to the rescue with their inventive lighting system that will help you find each and every item in your shopping list without getting lost in the maze of the supermarket.

Philips connected retail lighting system_2

The Netherlands-based technology company has been dabbling in smart lighting for quite some time. This innovative LED lighting concept actually revolves around using smart lights to locate your position in the store. The system collects location-based data to guide customers to the right part of the store for the desired ingredients, via an app. Shopkeepers can also send promotional offers and discount information, relevant to the position of the shoppers within the store.

The intricately connected system uses a dense network of advanced light fixtures to create a positioning grid in your smartphone. Each of the fixtures is capable of sending location-based app alerts to the customer’s smart device, thereby making the task of finding the grocery items easy and fast.

The app is also retailer-friendly as it can provide information regarding discount coupons, offers and other special services relevant to precise location of the customer.

Philips is currently in the process of testing their retail lighting system with a few stores. So shoppers have to wait a bit longer before their local supermarkets get their very own smart-lighting makeover.

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Via: Businessetc.thejournal

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