Gutsy grandparents build a plush fully-equipped backyard igloo

Debra and Wayne Larson build igloo_7

Meet Debra and Wayne Larson, two cool grandparents from the small town of Harmon in Illinois. The fun couple knows how to have a good time, especially when their grandchildren come to visit. From a bubble party in a full-sized tent to a 150-foot “bubble” waterslide made with seven Slip N’ Slides: the lively pair has done it all. In fact they have built all of these themselves. The latest addition to their glowing repertoire is a plush igloo built right in their back garden.

Wayne, 49, and Deb, 48, actually got this crazy idea from their 11-year old grandson, Gabe Hackman. Holed up at home for over seven days due to heavy snowfall, Gabe challenged his grandparents to snow-fort building contest.

The igloo was carved out of a 6-foot thick snowdrift in their backyard. It took Wayne approximately eight hours to construct the deluxe snow house, complete with wood fireplace, freezer( in the form of a hole in the wall) and chimney. The fireplace keeps the inside of the igloo warm and snug, while the built-in freezer ensures endless supply of popsicles.

The Larsons have even thought of adding a hot tub that would turn this into a fabulous, mini-sized  winter retreat. The dynamic duo hopes that their grandchildren will be able to come and enjoy the latest masterwork before the snow melts.

So for your next DIY winter weekend, try and design your very own backyard-igloo for an engaging day out with your kids. Then roll up your sleeves and get DIYing.

Debra and Wayne Larson build igloo_8

Via: SaukValley / Daily Mail

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