Mocubo Mini one stop chop for you on the go


Mocubo Mini made up of both plastic and bamboo with a dimension of 242 × 280 × 55mm proves itself a one stop chop for you. Mocubo mini has been prepared to serve your meals while you are on the go. Designed ¾ of the original size, Mocubo mini looks awesome in a stylish cutting board. It has a storage drawer to manage your cooking and more on that it has a portable Tupperware that makes it complete product, designed for the specific purpose.

Along with the all above mentioned features Mocubo Mini has a removable lid which turns the drawer into an ultra-convenient closeable container adding more value to the product. Though the price has not been fixed as of now but yes it is expected to be higher. Well, considering the usability its worth to buy Mocubo Mini.

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