Muji’s MJFSP-1 Bluetooth speaker deftly poses as a typical file box

Muji MJFSP-1 - Bluetooth speaker

We have had our fair share of quirky Japanese contrivances, ranging from canned breads with jams to battery powered neck coolers. And, this time around, the whimsical tradition is continued with Muji’s MJFSP-1 – a dedicated Bluetooth speaker that poses as your mundanely made office file box.

Looking every bit like one of those novelty items to fool your boss, the MJFSP-1 basks in the glory of being ‘commonplace’. Ironically, this intentional design consideration emerges as the unique factor that is advantageous to us office workers. With the inconspicuous speaker by your side, you can certainly aim to listen to a few favorite tunes in the office space; that is – if your boss is not lurking around the corner of the cubicle.

This stealthy operation can be achieved with the dual speaker’s ability to be connected in a stereo mode. Additionally, you can also use it as a groovy living room decor item that would endow volume (no pun intended!) to your paltry bookshelf.

As for the other features of the Muji MJFSP-1 speaker, the audio contraption supports Bluetooth 3.0, Serial Copy Management System, SBC codec, along with having FM radio. The speaker output is 10 W, while the dimensions read – 100 × 276 × 318 (in mm), with 2.8 kg weight.

Price – ¥13,000 (around $127).

Via: AkihabaraNews

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