The sustainable Birdcabin is a cozy yet safe shelter for small birds


Charming and sustainable – this in a nutshell defines the Bird-cabin by Tait. Proudly conceptualized and crafted in Australia, the delightful design specimens have actually been built from timber off-cuts that were salvaged and re-utilized from the studio’s furniture manufacturing area. And, in spite of their up-cycled credentials, the Bird-cabins are specially tailored to act as comfortable and fitting habitats for birds.

The creation of the birdhouse was the brainchild of Tait’s Production Manager Wayne Bell, who is known for initiating and driving many sustainable practices of the company. So, it really comes as no surprise that Bird-cabin follows a myriad of design considerations that are based on the systematic natural ecology associated with birds and their nesting pattern.

For example, the specifications of the Birdcabin’s form factor has been contrived in such a manner so as to allow the bird its spatial freedom and safety inside the box. At the same time, the bantam features of the birdhouse deny access to the other predators. The wood used for the construction is also untreated, thus taking into account a common bird’s aversion to alien smell.

As far as usability goes, the Birdcabin is perfectly crafted for bird varieties like Lorikeets and small parrots. According to the designers, the birdhouses can be ideally suspended from tree branches in the shaded spots. You can further opt for some nifty porch decor by suspending them from balconies or ceilings.


The products are available in a variety of powder-coated colors, while the sets also come with their hanging hooks and cords.

Via: HabitUSLiving

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