Nescafe Alarm Cap: A limited edition alarm clock from the coffee brand

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Alarm clocks and coffee – these two things do have something in common, especially in relation to those early morning ‘getting ready to go to work’ sessions. And, now to make the morning ambit more clear, the clock will come with the coffee container with Nescafe’s nifty Alarm Cap!

The fascinating fruit of collaboration between NOTlabs project and Publicis Mexico‚Äôs Innovation Lab, the tiny Nescafe Alarm Cap is effectively housed within the bottle cap of the glass coffee container. And beyond its size, the small device will have seven variant tones that are synchronized with the light intensity. In other words, the gradual increment in the light (presumably the morning sunlight) will account for varying tones with approximate (in magnitude) sound effects – thus resulting in ‘natural‘ awakening from our sleepy state.

In terms of design, there are two different cap models – the faceted cap and the accent cap. Each of the components are assembled by hand, with the scope of the 3D printing being used for the finer details. For example, the exterior contours of the caps are deftly 3D printed (in nylon) by Shapeways, while the internal patterns are 3D printed by Makerbots.

The Nescafe Alarm Cap will come in only 200 limited edition boxed sets, with each package containing – a red cup with Nescafe logo, USB cord (for charging the cap) and a Nescafe Clasico product. There will also be some interesting stuff for the coffee aficionados among us, with a booklet with special illustrations of the brand’s history and a manual on how to use the alarm clock.

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Via: NotCot

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