Oral-B to launch their SmartSeries electric toothbrushes with Bluetooth connectivity

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We have already come across Kolibree’s smart Toothbrush with Bluetooth credentials. And, now one of the world’s leading oral hygiene brands – Orab-B, has followed suit with their version of an advanced Bluetooth brush. Christened as the SmartSeries electric toothbrush, the contrivance connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, and indulges in various kinds of data collection and alerts pertaining to the optimized level of tooth-brushing.

Every dentist worth his salt would tell you – one should brush for at least 2 minutes for every session. However, our daily doses of post-sleep apathy and perceived time-constraints curtail this optimized brushing period. Well, during such scenarios, the SmartSeries toothbrush acts as your handy guardian by showing a proper countdown. Not only that; the brush also vibrates to tell you that it is high time to move on to the next section of teeth.

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However, it is the dedicated app to the SmartSeries where the real interesting stuff happens. For example, the smartphone software can show you an image of an diagrammatic mouth which guides you on where to focus during brushing. This personalized touch is improved with the integration of pressure sensors that allows the app to turn red when you are applying too much ‘brush force’ on your pearly whites. All of these are further accompanied by complementary notifications like dental tips, weather conditions and even the appointment logs of local dentists.

Interestingly, the SmartSeries has adopted a similar technique to that of Kolibree’s design, when it comes to ‘rewarding’ the users for their dedication to optimized brushing. The congratulatory messages come up with virtual trophies, like the ‘Power User’ epithet or the ‘Early Riser’ title. Such smart features are further bolstered by six variant physical modes of the toothbrush that range from speed brushing to gum massaging.

Oral-B’s SmartSeries toothbrushes will make their commercial landfall in United States by October, with a price tag of around $364. But the Europeans will get their ‘taste’ of the contrivance much earlier in June, and that too with a reduced retail price of 219 euros (around $302).

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