Panasonic unveils sterilizing and deodorizing warm water washing toilet seat


A dirty toilet seats is covered in bacteria and germs, so much that a self-respecting person wouldn’t like to use it. This is the simple reason, we take highest care to ensure the toilet seat at home is spotless and disinfected.

While, most homeowners have begun to use disposable seat covers to refrain from using dirty toilet seats, Panasonic is releasing a warm water washing toilet seat as a better and healthier alternative. Equipped with nanoe – nano-sized electrostatic atomized water particles for hot air drying, the self-washing warm water toilet seat proposes to be the most awaited change in toilet cleanliness.

Scheduled to be released in Japan on September 21, for 100,000 yen price tag (approx. $950), the toilet seat dubbed Beauty De Toilette reduces odor and bacteria by almost 99 percent as compared to our regular toilet seats. In addition to self-cleaning the toilet bowl from inside, under the toilet lid, and over the toilet lid with warm water, the Beauty De Toilette is also fitted with a nanoe unit to dry the seat with clean hot air.

To be made available in white, ivory pastel, pastel pink color options, the warm water washing toilet seat along with sterilization and deodorizing itself also features a sensor that allows the toilet lid to open and close automatically, before and after use.

Via: PressRelease

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