The easily mountable Sway shelving unit comes with low cost credentials

Mountable Sway shelving unit_1

The innovative quality of a design is not always defined by its refined aesthetics, the scope also pertains to the usability factor of the product. To that end, the above pictured Sway shelving unit fulfills the efficacy quotient with equal doses of flair and simplicity, courtesy of its easy installation technique.

Designed by the duo of Evan Clabots and Louis Filosa (for retail site, the Sway shelf boasts of two simple nylon straps at each of its two sides. Tiny holes are punched in at the top end of both the straps. So, all the user needs to do is mount the entire shelving system by suspending it along the wall (by utilizing the holes) – just like hanging a picture frame.

The base of the Sway is crafted from sturdy beech wood that has been polished by wax. In fact, the tension generated by the suspended nylon straps endows stability to this wooden support, thus keeping your displayed objects safe and sound. Moreover, the unobtrusive, minimalist nature of the shelf allows one to focus his/her attention on these showcased objects – be it DVDs, books or artworks, rather than the displaying contrivance itself.

However, the best part is – a Sway shelving unit is available for just $35, a relatively cheap product when compared to its highfalutin peers. This coupled with its capacity to be easily installed makes the design surely worthwhile for those who looking for some budget decor enhancements.

Mountable Sway shelving unit_2 Mountable Sway shelving unit_3 Mountable Sway shelving unit_4

Dimensions –  4 ft (length) x 8-inches (deep)

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