Pando Zephyr range hood purifies air and looks good on the wall

Zephyr range hood for Pando

Kitchen is one place where the entire family congregates and spends most of the indoor time together. Studies have however shown, kitchen has the most poor indoor air quality, and range hoods contribute to it in a major way.

To purify kitchen air quality and to make it healthier, Pando is working on Zephyr range hood concept. A range hood that will allow fresh air from outside in, while removing the dirty air from the inside.

Zephyr range hood for Pando-1

Zephyr looks into the future of kitchen hoods in a much unparalleled way. It’s a multifunctional device that functions as a normal range hood, in addition to removing dust and bacteria from the air.

The leaf-like special design makes Zephyr a decorative object and light source, which can be used in the living space too.

Zephyr range hood for Pando-2

Zephyr conceptualized by Casín Diego, Marina Moreno and Villar Carlota and Fernando Montero presents a nature inspired alternative to the most fascinating home appliance.

Installed in a room or on a kitchen wall, Zephyr inhales all the dirty air and exhales pure air from the outside into the room. And, you love to see the leaf-shaped Zephyr move like the leaves move in the breeze in the process (watch in the video below).

Zephyr range hood for Pando-4

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