Wearable Human Chair by Artist Jamie Isenstein

Wearable Human Chair by Artist Jamie Isenstein_1

Designing is all about creativity and when one adds fun to his/her innovation the outcome is simply incredible. Artist Jamie Isenstein’s creation, the “Human Chair” is a personification of this idea. Not only does it look very creative, but can be worn too.

It was beyond our imagination to come across a piece of furniture that could be worn around like a piece of clothing.

Jamie’s idea is quite simple! Just put your arms and legs through the holes provided in the chair. Place your feet on the ground to make a posture like you’re sitting on chair, and you’re clothed and sitting too.

Bring the chair home, and you can leave your guests impressed with its simplicity and let them have some fun too.

Wearable Human Chair by Artist Jamie Isenstein_2

Via: Incrediblethings

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