Roni Shalmon’s Snack Pack for enjoying and ‘safe-keeping’ food on the go.

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Simplicity, minimalism and effectiveness – these surely are odd choices of words when describing a snack pack. But that is exactly what Roni Shalmon’s eponymous ‘Snack Pack’ brings to the table with its specific design considerations.

How so? Well, the packaging scope is fixated on the storage and safekeeping of daily consumed food items, without the intrusion of any highfalutin features. For example, in regular scenarios, the ever-familiar bananas are more likely to be squashed when they are being precariously carried by our hands or even in a backpack. The Snack Pack set traverses this predicament by offering a special detachable jacket that effectively shields the banana from external forces.

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Similarly, the set also comprises of an unobtrusive silicone snap band that can be handily wrapped around your yogurt or jelly containers, thus preventing the fluid content from spilling. This silicone contrivance can be easily washed and cleaned for further usages in the future. Moreover, the band in its folded form can house a spoon – as a complementary utensil for enjoying your favorite dessert on the go.

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Via: Roni Shalmon / YankoDesign

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