Pecera ‘washing machines’ will make use of robotic fishes to clean our clothes!

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Doctor fishes are gaining prominence in many spa treatments as marine-dwelling organisms that nibble at your feet to potentially cure skin ailments like psoriasis. But the jury is still out on how effective this procedure actually is – with current scientific evidences not really showing anything credible to support the notion.

In any case, there is at least one positive outcome of this fish-treatment; Chan Yeop Jeong from Korea has been inspired by the wondrous cope of fishes cleaning our body. Consequently, our intrepid designer has come up with the incredible conception of utilizing robotic fishes that could similarly clean our clothes.

Christened as the Pecera, the ambit will entail a ‘school’ of robotic fishes known as Dofi in special tanks. These tiny automatons will have the ability to clean our clothes without utilization of any type of detergents and other conventional cleaning agents.

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As can be comprehended from this hi-tech nature of the design, the Dofi will be integrated with various state-of-the-art features that are tailored to keeping our attires squeaky clean. One such aspect will pertain to the incorporation of a small camera in each robot that could visually confirm the level of dirt in the clothes. The autonomous fish will then make use of a certain suction technique that would effectively absorb the dirt particles without the need for either any additional chemical agent or multiple washing circles.

In other words, the entire cleaning process will make use of physical forces at a micro-level, thus totally eschewing the (sometimes) harmful effects of chemicals. As a matter of fact, Yeop Jeong has noted how some detergents can contribute to the oxidation and discoloration of many fibers. The Pecera cleaning machine will surely traverse this consumer-oriented issue, and that too with an eco-friendly advantage of its own.

However, appliance enthusiasts should hold their breath – the Pecera is still comfortably in its conceptual stage. But if the technology does get green lighted, it would be fascinating to see how the ‘regenerative scope’ of cleaning affects the regular power-hungry washing machine products as a whole.

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Source: ElectroLuxDesignLab

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