Geek Chic’s Sultan game tables combine customization and elegance

geek chic board game table

The well designed game tables always seem to have an air of ‘good times’ to them. Geek Chic’s Sultan range of beautifully crafted specimens brings forth the complementary essence of elegance to the fray. This enhances the aesthetics of your game room’s decor, of course along aiding your very own (and other players’) convenience and game-oriented privacy.

Crafted from sturdy yet opulent varieties of wood like walnut, maple or cherry, the Sultan in its default form sort of looks like a grandly-built dining table. The wooden top is however completely removable to expose the familiar green turf used for various card games. An assortment of secret drawers flank the sides that rather upholds the design’s credential as a pretty effective storage system. Other features include – an internal rail system, chamfered corners, bronze-made handles and even integrated dice towers.

However, the best part is – one can actually add attachable trays and cup-holders to the pre-fabricated slots by the drawers, thus transforming those recessed sections into customized, ‘private’ player stations. So at the end of the day, the scope is not only about improved aesthetics; it also pertains to the player’s choice – a definitive element for any table-top game, be it cards or a round of D&D.

Via: TheAwesomer

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