Periodic Table Shower Curtain for the ‘science aficionado’ inside you

Periodic Table Shower Curtain_1

We have seen periodic tables with their intelligent puns. And, now we have come across periodic tables gloriously depicted across your shower curtain. And, if you jog your memory down the pop culture lane, this bathroom contrivance is similar to the one shown in Sheldon’s apartment in Big Bang Theory

Made from EVA Vinyl (a composite of Ethylene vinyl acetate and Polyethylene), the complex materials surely do justice to your ‘affinity’ for chemistry. The composition endows a sort of translucency to the curtain, which is further complemented on the visual scale by the colorful graphical table with its recognizable fonts.

So, if you want to play either Walter White or Sheldon Cooper in your bathroom, you can avail one of these Periodic Table Shower Curtain from ThinkGeek with a price of $30. And, in case you are going with your Walter White persona, also do give a gander at this cool bathing salt product.

Periodic Table Shower Curtain_2 Periodic Table Shower Curtain_3 Periodic Table Shower Curtain_4 Periodic Table Shower Curtain_5

Via: BigBangTheory-Shirts

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