Pizza Hut dabbling with interactive table technology that orders your ‘personalized’ pizza

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It must have happened many a time when your happy romp inside a pizza parlor had turned sour because of the disagreement over toppings with your friend. But what if there was an interactive table that allowed you to choose your own topping for your half of the pizza? Not only that; imagine the table also making it possible to choose from the assortment of scrumptious side dishes, like garlic breads, pasta or even desserts. And, to ‘top’ all of that, you pay your money in an electronic mode directly from your phone!

Now, these features may sound like some futuristic fictional encounter you had in your dream. But the incredible truth is – Pizza Hut is collaborating with Chaotic Moon Studio to take the technology to a commercially viable stage. The fascinating project entails an interactive table/computer that recognizes your hand swipes. And, as we can see from the video (below), you can pretty much control what type of pizza you would like to have, with the preferred size, serving and the various kinds of toppings that go into it.

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Like we mentioned earlier, your favored pepperoni toppings can adorn your side of the circular pie, while your vegan girlfriend can simultaneously opt for onions and bell pepper slices for her side of the pizza. Additionally, you can order your side dishes and dessert from the table interface. All of these items are calculated and charged from the table itself, which allows you to pay from options like debit card, credit card or plain ole cash by just a push of your finger.

The remarkable scope of user-restaurant interaction however doesn’t end there. The technology will also show you the waiting period for your personalized order. And in the meantime, the computer would bring up tabletop game apps that can be fluently played via the flat touchscreen.

Obviously, the ultimate question remains – will all these cool interactive attributes see the light of the day in the recent future? Well, Pizza Hut is still considering the technology to be in its nascent developmental stage. However, the company is working towards a credible solution that just might make the table a ‘novelty norm’ across 4,000 of its outlets.

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Via: GuardianLV

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