Amazing Hanging Bed Table can nimbly move up via its pulley system

pulley system for hanging bed table

Are you interested in a DIY project that involves a pulley system for a hanging bed table? Imagine a nifty table on your very bed that keeps your breakfast tray, acts as your laptop support and also poses as a bookshelf. Now, imagine the table getting automatically suspended when you need the bed space to comfortably take a nap. Sounds ludicrously convenient? Well, it surely is! But more importantly, that is exactly what Instructables user ‘Matt2 Silver’ has achieved in real time with his one-and-only Paracord and Pulley Hanging Table.

Multi-tasking on a bouncy bed is not that easy, especially when you are into late-night movie watching, book reading and just old school snacking. The Paracord and Pulley Hanging Table solves all your woes with its fascinating suspension system. As can be deduced from the name, the incredible setup makes use of a pulley system that allows the bed table component to go upwards when not in use. At the same time, the pulley system for the hanging bed table can be lowered by the user, when he needs to work on his computer or just pig out on a newly ordered pizza.

Paracord and Pulley Hanging Table_2

This chunk of DIY brilliance was supposedly achieved by just spending $70 (that too, if the endeavor is started from scratch). The assortment of materials used for the project includes – around 60 ft of paracord for the hanging purpose, four pulley mechanisms, a pine board precisely cut to match your bed area, and wood stain and polyurethane for finishing. Additional components like screws, wood glue, joiner biscuits, washers and masking tapes were also needed for the joinery work.

Paracord and Pulley Hanging Table_3

Pulley System For Hanging Bed Close Up

pulley system for hanging bed close up

The good part is – the entire project details with its step-by-step instructions have been freely offered by the DIYer. So, if you are seriously interested, do give it go by following this Instructables link.

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