Poland’s invisible pet dogs captured on camera!

invisible dogs in poland

Every sane home owner would concur on one point – a pet dog who doesn’t shed his/her fur is the greatest pet that can be. But what about a pet dog that completely eschews its physical form? Well, that is where the invisible pet dogs come into the picture.

As you can see from the images, the photos showcase normal people walking their dogs across the streets and the parks. However, if you gawk long enough at them, you would notice that aren’t any dogs to go by in the first place!

Of course, there is no supernatural entity behind the mystery of these missing dogs. Rather, it is the ‘magic’ of technology applied by Poland-based artist Weronika Krzemieniecka. In this regard, the photographs are a part of her series which is titled as ‘Invisible Dogs in Poland’.

The working scope entailed the manipulation of the images, so that only the collar and the shadow would remain, while the animal itself would be removed. As a matter of fact, we think – it is those enigmatic shadows of our canine companions that adds to the overall ‘teasing’ effect of the gimmick.

Via: GeyserofAwesome

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