Baby Hanger – A simple baby monitoring solution for parents

Baby Hanger - baby monitoring solution

Many of us are enticed by ‘cuteness factor’ of toddlers and babies. However, parents do also go through a lot of stress and anxiety in bringing up their children, especially when they are still afflicted by work pressure. But as we say – with desperate times come innovative measures. And, the innovative measure in this case is tailored for parents who work from home or travel a lot.

The conception in question entails a ‘Baby Hanger’. As the name suggests, the mechanism comprises of an elastic hanger (made from fabric) with hooks. This hanger can safely keep your baby supported against any solid wall, while you complete your short business and still keep an eye on your precious offspring.

Of course, the whole scope is just envisaged as a momentary relief from your parenting duties. In other words, you just can’t keep your child dangling from the walls, while you go on a shopping spree or starting working on your project!

Anyhow, as for those personal tasks, like taking a bathroom break or a snack, the Baby Hanger is a perfect solution to your baby monitoring woes.

Via: NopueDocreer

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