POSH Stow and Go about to set up classy streetside members-only bathrooms in NYC

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New York City is the Mecca for travelers from all over the world. In fact, it is also the birthplace of everything quirky and unusual. Did you not know? Anyway, so you would have thought that the new membership-only luxury bathroom stalls(?) idea by POSH Stow and Go would actually garner a lot of interest from the people of NYC. Well it has, though mostly negative reviews so far.

In the past we have heard of pay toilets, public restrooms and even those ridiculous port-a-johns, but a deluxe “members-only day storage and bathroom facility” with soundproof rooms and digital lockers is definitely a first. The company is planning on renting street-side spaces to build what will eventually be fully-equipped restrooms, open to anyone who can afford their steep membership charges.

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The basic layout of the facilities show a central lounge area, surrounded by digital lockers. The lavish soundproof powder rooms at the back boast of motion-sensor flushers and faucets, high-tech dryers and luxury showers. There are baby-changing stations and separate storage rooms as well. The restrooms will be kept amply staffed throughout the day for instant assistance.

Although your tushy will no doubt be in for a joyride, these plush bathrooms don’t actually come for free. You can avail the facilities by paying an annual membership fee of $15. But that is not all. If you are indeed committed to getting yourself pampered on these comfy toilets, be ready to shell out another $24 for 3-day usage, $42 for 6 days and $60 for 10 days worth of poop-time.

POSH Stow and Go intends to set up these bathroom stations, presumably with gullible tourist in mind, all over New York City, starting with midtown and downtown Manhattan. They will be opened to the public by June this year. The restrooms, though too extravagant for most people, will prove to be quite useful for kids, disabled persons and pregnant women.

To know more, visit POSH Stow and Go’s website.

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