The new KeePad Tablet Pillow is a unique take on the usually drab iPad stands

KeePad Tablet Pillow_1

When it comes to tablets of any kind, one of the most common causes of damage is careless handling, which includes dropping them off your lap or hands or even the table. That is why buying an iPad stand is imperative to maximize its longevity, especially if you are clumsy like us. The usual plastic and metal stands can at times be kind of drab. Try the KeePad Tablet Pillow instead, if you want something cooler with a bit more zing.

KeePad Tablet Pillow_2

Designed by Chill Shop, it is basically a pillow iPad stand, with a raised fold at one end, which in fact holds the tablet in place. The comfy cushion is filled with polystyrene beans. The specially designed triangle shape of the KeePad Tablet pillow keeps the tablet an angle best suited for typing, writing and watching movies. The unique cushion iPad stand can be used anywhere, as in your desk, your bed or even your lap.

The KeePad Tablet Pillow comes in a number of cheerful and eye-catching colors, such as bright orange, green, red, yellow and gray. So if you want one of these fashionably chic pillow iPad stands, you can buy it for $35 on Fancy.

Via: Macgasm

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