Thanko’s Niko-Ichi-Gasa flaunts its remarkable ‘dual umbrella’ design

The Japanese have struck back, this time with the utterly wacky and yet potentially practical ‘two-in-one’ umbrella. Christened as the Niko-Ichi-Gasa, the ultimate umbrella comboThanko - 2-in-1 Niko-ichi Umbrella_1 sort of fuses two different specimens into a single contrivance. The end result is a very big umbrella that will surely cover your date during those delightful romantic sessions out in the light drizzle.

Interestingly, the two umbrellas are not combined at the same vertical level. The side umbrella component is rather affixed at an angle that shields you against those dastardly horizontal drips of wind blown rain.

This ergonomic consideration is further bolstered by the arrangement of two shafts below the shade. This means – you can intimately rest your head on your partner’s shoulders (through the shafts’ opening), thus not requiring your hands to hold on to the Niko-Ichi-Gasa.

The dual umbrella mechanism was commercially unveiled by Thanko, and is all up for grabs with a price of ¥2,480 (around $25). Follow this White Rabbit link to order it from anywhere in the world.

Dimensions: 1170mm x 1100mm, 870mm (length)
Weight: 755 g (1.7 lbs)

Thanko - 2-in-1 Niko-ichi Umbrella_10

Via: AkihabaraNews

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