PyroPet Candle transforms from a cute kitten to an ominous skeletal spawn!

PyroPet Candle_1

We here at Home Harmonizing have previously harped about the transforming scope of a design. But arguably the ambit of morphing was never so strikingly in contrast – as we see in the case of the PyroPet Candle. Reminding us of the macabre essence of the Bleeding Skull candle, the design makes its gloriously sadistic transformation from an adorable kitten into a spawn of hell.

The wax coating of the cute kitten is intentionally contrived in an innocuous pink color to allude to the affable state of affairs. But once the candle is lit up and the wax starts to melt, a skeletal demonic creature rears its ominous visage. The metallic frame finally unveils its menacingly evil embodiment when the entire wax volume is melted away.

The crazy part about the PyroPet Candle design is – every candle is touted to burn in a unique manner, thus bringing forth the unexpected allure of the unknown. Moreover, each specimen boasts of 20 hours of burning lifetime, which makes the ‘metamorphosis’ all the more distressingly delicious.

PyroPet Candle_2 PyroPet Candle_3 PyroPet Candle_4

PyroPet Candle_5
PyroPet Candle_6

Buy (from Firebox) – £35 (around $60).

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