The Coolest Cooler boasts of a blender, speaker, USB charger and LED lights

Coolest cooler by Ryan Grepper_1

A cooler that blends is cool. A cooler that blends and plays music is ‘cooler’! And, that is evidently what the above pictured Coolest Cooler brings to the table in a quite literal manner. Vaunting of a whole set of unique features including a blender, a speaker system and even a USB charger – this is the outdoor party machine your beer-loving side must have been craving for.

To start things out, the much touted blender with its hardened plastic pitcher is powered by a 18-volt battery, and is capable of easily churning out 60 batches of blended drinks – be it margarita for adults or just smoothie for kids. And of course, you can dance to your favorite beat while the blender does its job. How so? Well, it is by virtue of the integrated water-proof wireless speaker that plays music via Bluetooth connection from your phone and other mobile devices.

Coolest cooler by Ryan Grepper_2

The entertainment scope is bolstered by the usability ambit, which entails a set of over-sized wheels, pull-out handle bar, tie-down straps and a built-in bottle opener for the Coolest Cooler – thus endowing it with much needed portability and convenience. And, while you are carrying it around, why not make use of the aforementioned 18-volt battery for other purposes. That’s right; the designers have also incorporated a USB charger for your mobile devices that are juiced up by the blender battery.

The awesomeness of the Coolest Cooler however doesn’t stop there. The nifty party machine further boasts of its integrated LEDs for illumination in the dark (for those backyard night outs), hidden storage space for keeping the utensils and an attached ceramic knife with rust-proof quality. And, the best part is – all of these ‘cool’ features can be availed in a few days time with the Coolest Cooler already crossing the $5 million mark in Kickstarter after just a week (with prices starting from $165)!

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For more info, check out the product page.

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