Tokyo’s museum unveils a giant ‘interactive’ toilet!

According to a startling statistical figure, around 35 percent of the world’s total population (or 2.5 billion people) do not have proper access to sanitation. Now, of course a giant toilet wouldn’t solve that problem – but it does go a long way in promoting and raising awareness about the mass scale health-oriented predicament. At least that is what the folks at The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo believe, as is evident from the above pictured monstrous toilet/slide combo.

The water-closet inspired installation is aptly billed as the ‘Journey of Poo’. And given Japan’s incredibly candid yet hi-tech progression in the toilet field, the enthusiastic number of visitors lining up outside the ‘sculpture’ comes as no surprise. But since Japanese and whimsical go hand in hand, users can gleefully slip down the toilet bowl slide, make their very own poo-shaped hats from plasticine and enjoy the chorus of singing toilets a cappella group!

The museum administration has however pointed to the serious scheme of things happening in the real world –

Turning our attention to the world, we see the fact that about 2.5 billion people in the world are unable to use toilets and many children lose their lives due to lack of sanitation. A pleasant egestion experience involves human dignity and a person’s ideal toilet differs according to age, culture, and their living environment.

Maybe the projected comical side of affairs (pertaining to the crucial issues) might entice policy makers in the third-world countries to develop proper sanitation networks for their respective rural and fringe-urban populations.

Via: Juxtapoz

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