Re: Sound Bottle: The disk of our life in a bottle

Re Sound Bottle

Re Sound Bottle

If you could create the soundtrack of your life, what would it be?

Re: Sound Bottle has the answer and it is in a bottle. Invented by a young design student Tokyoite, it captures all the background noise with a hidden recorder. The novelty would not be so once stored all sounds, it does not remixait pieces audible and more melodious.

And this is of course the project takes its flavor. To infuse every sound, simply remove the cap, then put it back to stop the capture. Once accumulated the necessary elements for the final composition of customized music, bottle the “play” automatically. As an MP3 player, the user can then reseal or stir to pause and go to another song.

If the consumer wishes to speak in the bottle and include the sound of his voice in the future piece, it is possible. And easy. For his willingness to imagine a new interaction with the sounds of our everyday lives, Jun Fujiwara has designed an interactive experience simple and democratic.

Re Sound BottleRe Sound Bottle

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