Kooldog House: The nifty-looking ‘dog abode’ with elegant as well as sturdy credentials

Kooldog House by Ki Park_9

Why should cats have all the fun? Well, now you can show affection for your ever trusty doggy with the aptly named Kooldog House – a crowd funded, ‘modernistic’ dog house from Toronto-based Ki Park.

The cool looking kennel is constructed from metal, with an elegant laminate finish on the front edges and powder coated paint on the side facades. The durability aspects of the form are matched up by the comfort credentials inside the spacious box.

To that end, the interior space boasts of a snug cushion fashioned from medium-density polyurethane foam and draped in ‘Crypton’, a machine-washable, fire-resistant super-fabric with the incredible ability to mitigate bacteria, stain and odor.

The confined yet comfortable zone is complemented on the rear-facade with strategically located perforations that account for the much-needed ventilation for your furry friend. And finally, users can also decide on the look of the dog house with vibrant color options that usually come along with the stretch goals.

Kooldog House by Ki Park_1 Kooldog House by Ki Park_2 Kooldog House by Ki Park_3 Kooldog House by Ki Park_4

Did we say stretch goals? Well, to that end, the Kooldog House is currently going through its Kickstarter campaign, with early bird pledges starting from CAD 495 (around $450). So, if you are all up for a simple, aesthetic yet classy and durable abode for your pet dog, do give a gander here.

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