Sailing Bowls by Jindrich Dudziak are crafted with the essence of the sea

Sailing Bowls by Jindrich Dudziak_1

With the intrepid Czech sailor Rudolf Krautschneider as his uncle, well-known European ceramist Jindrich Dudziak has grown up listening to adventure stories of sea, boats and ships. He himself has been sailing since the age of 17. Through his Sailing Bowls collection, the sailor blood in him, in a way, pays tribute to his famous uncle and also, to the sea.

The Sailing Bowls include top of the line, hand-crafted porcelain, ceramic and glass wares. The shapes and lines of these utilitarian bowls emulate the rolling waves of the sea. Started as a pet project some 18 months ago, Jindrich’s aim was to create luxury, yet functional tableware that mirrors the tumultuous life at sea.

The special base of the Sailing Bowl is designed to withstand the incessant swaying and rolling of a ship  or yacht during navigation. The “In Center Rolling” bowl has a cleverly-engineered tapered base, much like that of a spinning top. This ensures that as the ship swings, the bowl rolls along the table, while keeping its contents parallel to the center of gravity. So you don’t have to worry about any messy spilling or overturning.

The dishwasher-safe Sailing Bowl sets contain a range of bowls and glasses with uniquely sophisticated shapes and designs. We have the 3-inch high Daily Bowls with bulbous base, glazed interior, polished exterior and different color lines that make them easily distinguishable. The Don Quichotte cups, made with white porcelain, have unique line designs on each of them.

The glass crockery items include the following – the incredibly elegant and curvaceous Mare Magnum that imitates boat shapes and the motions of the sea; He and She, a set of two glasses with sumptuously hand-cut tops; and the classic Long Drop and Short Drop glasses.

Manufactured in Dudziak’s studio in Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Québec, the Sailing Bowls dinnerware harmoniously blend functionality and quality into a high-class design. Extreme care has been taken to hand-make each of the bowls and glasses with long-lasting food-grade materials.

The Sailing Bowls project is currently being campaigned in Kickstarter. With 11 days left, the campaign needs to collect another $6,622 in funding to reach its $10,000 goal (all in Canadian dollars).

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