Embrace your quirky side with the legless, pudgy-bottomed BEBOP armchair

BEBOP armchair by Sven Dogs_1

The fruit of the first-time collaboration between Vienna-based, German designer Sven Dogs and  Belgium furniture manufacturer Durlet is the new and inviting BEBOP armchair that will undoubtedly tempt you into lounging.

BEBOP armchair combines minimalist and clever design with beguiling appearance. The concept behind this chair is quite straightforward. It is basically an armchair with a size-able base and substantial backrest. What is indeed attractive about the design is the complete absence of chair legs.

Its stunted height and pudgy bottom actually make the BEBOP armchair look all the more quirky.  It comes in bright, cheerful turquoise and orange colours. The ornamental seams on the leather upholstery add that extra touch of chic.

The friendly, informal vibe of this heavy-bottomed armchair is great for a residential setup  as well as lounges and lobbies of hotels, restaurants and offices. So if you want to luxuriate in the rich style and comfort of BEBOP armchair, buy a pair for $3,915.

Via: DesignSpotter

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