Sense by Irving Gzz senses your mood to make your day wonderful

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Have you ever thought that a device can make your day wonderful? Designed by Mexico based Irving Gzz, Sense is a futuristic product that is as aesthetic on the outside as it is technical on the inside. Taking its inspiration from nature, organic forms and the five senses of the human body, Sense is a consumer product aimed at improving the quality of your life in many ways.

Physical Components:

Sense’s outer body is made of ABS plastic injection molding for extended strength and durability. The device has an inbuilt Bose speaker, five mini LEDs, two USB ports, six scents and a multi-touch display. For those wondering how it would incorporate the five senses, here is a breakdown.

Sight: Produced by the Multi-touch display and LED lights,

Hearing: Produced by the inbuilt music system and speaker,

Smell and Taste: Produced by the scents which also stimulate the taste buds and

Touch: Produced by the touchpad as well as the vibration of the body.

How ‘Sense’ can promote a better living:

One of the many uses of Sense is that of an alarm clock. With Sense, you will gently awaken to the sound of a sweet melody, the smell of coffee and gradually increasing light. This is much better than being jolted awake by a shrill sounding alarm bell.

We say Sense is smart because it can also propose a range of lighting, scent and music options to match your taste, preferences and mood. It comes in three modes – mood, listening and shuffle. These modes would be pre-configured to suit your mood, while you can also create your own theme/mode. You can also pre-configure these modes to play music, propose appropriate lighting and scent options, depending on your current mood. Hence, you need not worry about having a bad day at work at all. Simply switch on Sense when you return home and it will start clearing your head right away and changing your mood for the better.

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