Sleep Sense aims to regulate your sleeping pattern to a nicety

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Designed by Adam Mortlock, Sleep Sense is a concept gadget that aims to normalize abnormalities in sleeping and waking pattern of human beings. He realized that majority of people worldwide suffer from stress, anxiety, anger, and depression, which all are in close relation to a person’s sleeping pattern.

The more the person is distressed, the less and disturbed sleep they will experience. Moreover, the lack of sleep affects the overall quality of a person’s life, making it dull and lifeless. Adam Mortlock decided to ease up this problem and came up with the futuristic concept of the Sleep Sense.

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The Concept:

Sleep Sense is a fabulous device that enables people to go to sleep and wake up peacefully. It is like a wall-mounted clock that you can place on the adjacent wall to your bed; hence, it can notice your sleeping and waking pattern.

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The device has built-in lighting and speakers that produce some soothing sounds and calming lighting that is perfect to lull a person to a sound sleep. The movement-tracking sensor installed in Sleep Sense signals it whenever you are too sleepy and when it is time for you to wake up; thus, creating an atmosphere that makes both these essential activities of your life smoother than before. Overall, this unique product aims to make your life better by eliminating all your sleep related troubles.

About The Designer:

Adam Mortlock is a product design and an industrial design graduate from US. After receiving his first class degree in B.A. Product Design, he was so full of zeal and motivation to do something creative and take his career to progressive heights in product designing.

Accordingly, he started putting his designing capabilities to practice. According to him, the charm of designing products that people can use to benefit themselves in a number of ways is something that fascinates him.

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