Simply upend the new Lexon Flip On/Off Alarm Clock to set the alarm

Lexon Flip On Alarm Clock by DesignWright_1

The growing trend in the alarm clock industry is to create smart clocks that don’t just wake you up in the morning, but indeed do something extra. Like Philips HF3520 that simulates natural sunlight to awake you gently. Or the one from Brando Workshop that comes equipped with air quality tester. The new and impressive Lexon Flip On/Off Alarm clock belongs to this league of cool gadgets. No wonder it has won the coveted Red Hot Design award for seamlessly fusing functionality with elegant design.

Created by DesignWright, this alarm clock does not have any fancy buttons for its various operations. Instead of fumbling in the dark to reach the tiny on/off switch in case of conventional clocks, the Lexon Flip Alarm Clock allows you to activate or deactivate any of its functions by just flipping it upside down. So to turn the alarm on, all you need to do is upend the clock onto the side that says “on”. The display flips every time  the clock is overturned. The big on or off label on each side makes sure that you will never again go to sleep mistakenly thinking that the alarm is set on.

The touch-sensitive surface on the top acts as a snooze-cum-backlight switch. Tapping the sensor will activate the snooze and also turn on the backlight, making it easy for you to see the time at night. The alarm clock displays time in 12 or 24-hour format.

Design-wise, this alarm clock is simple and minimalist, and comes in a variety of fun colors, such as blue, green, yellow, red and so on. Its compact cuboid body, measuring 4.1″ x 1.1″ x 2.6″ in dimensions and 3.5oz in weight, is made with ABS rubber. The clock runs on 2 AAA batteries.

Lexon Flip On Alarm Clock by DesignWright_4 Lexon Flip On Alarm Clock by DesignWright_3 Lexon Flip On Alarm Clock by DesignWright_2

The Lexon Flip On/Off Alarm Clock is currently being sold for just $26.99 on ThinkGeek.

Via: Co.Design

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